Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Bullshit Nostalgia: Enter The Ninja (1981)

When I was a little tyke Channel 10 had an Action Movie themed week of movies. If I remember correctly Predator was on Sunday night, Robocop might have been in there, Death Before Dishonour and this, Enter The Ninja on a Friday night. I watched this when I was young basically based on the thrill of seeing a white ninja and a black ninja have a sword fight. There was a vivid scene where The White Ninja (yes, played by Italian white guy, Franco Nero) was slashed across the thigh, the red of the blood burning itself on my celluloid memories. I don't remember it being as an action packed as the trailer makes out. However, thankfully being somewhat older I can appreciate the casting of Sho Kosugi, the awesome martial arts star who was in the incredible Pray For Death, a VHS classic of its kind.

Why this is trailer is a classic is obvious. One, it's a CannonFilms trailer, the company of Globus/Golan, the Israeli super-producing team of the 1980s and CannonFilms trailers are always classic. Secondly, because ninjas haven't been run into the ground as a 'cool' concept, you have breathless, excitable narrators espousing about "the oldest and ultimate martial art!" Thirdly, I like it when heroes pull straight their jackets after making a quip and before they hit a guy.

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Mitch said...

Did you know that CannonFilms produced Masters of the Universe and, strangely, Powaqquatsi? Golan! Globus! : get over here and give me a hug!