Saturday, 23 May 2009

Future Bullshit: Gamer (2009)

The jock-asshole pair of geniuses behind the Crank movies, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, are back with a film that will be sure to make online gaming nerds happy in a film surprisingly enough entitled Gamer (omg! lol!).

This trailer is amazing as it's like a throwback to all those lame hacker/computer game movies from the mid-1990s. In a world where it's the future and nerds get to play (in balletic slow-motion yoga moves) real life soldiers in Saving Private Ryan outtakes, even choosing Mr. This-Is-Sparta! himself, while once again we go through the same corporate control versus the freedom of sportstar slaves that we went through with the original Rollerball. I also like how Michael C. Hall, a very good actor, adopts a terrible Southern accent as if they'd worked out this character for Gary Oldman to overact in and couldn't sign him instead settling for Dexter himself.

It'll be interesting to see if a film like Gamer can lure actual gamers out of their online worlds and into a cinema where they can watch a movie that remediates the gaming experience but which they can't play themselves!


Mitch said...

I just read the wikipedia page for this. Apparently the original title for the movie was "Citizen Game".

tristan said...

Haha. Citizen Game? More like Citizen Lame.