Friday, 14 August 2009

Future Bullshit: Legion (2009)

I watched Terminator again the other week (once again, it's brilliant) and it did make me wonder when they would remake it but with angels instead of robots and with a diner full of TV actors and worn-down character actors: HD widescreen trailer here.

Y'know if I was a fallen angel, I'd need to use machine guns too.


Mitch said...

It kinda has a bit of a Maximum Overdrive vibe too.

Tuco said...

Man, I'm impressed with your blog. Although I don't agree 100% with some of the movies here being a complete bullshit, I totally love your approach, your style and your movie reviews as a whole (as they're quite a bit similar to my own - in Slovenian only, I'm afraid). Keep up the most excellent work, bud!

tristan said...

Mitch: Yeah, definitely! Just needs Emilio Estevez with an earring and some Acca-Dacca.

Tuco: Hey man! Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you commenting. I wish I knew Slovenian and could read your blog in turn. Thanks again.